Want free Hot Rodder Journal Swag? We want your pictures !

Each month we publish images sent in by you, the readers. When you submit your images, you will receive a free HRJ Decal. If we use those images, you will receive a free HRJ T-Shirt

What are we looking for?

Well I’m glad you asked.... We want it all !!

Here are the kinds of pictures we are looking for

Monthly Image Sections

*        Dust & Derelicts – A collection of images from around the country. These are those forgotten classics sitting on the side of the road, in the fields, the bushes, in the barns and driveways around the country. We want to see your barn yard finds!

*        Hot Rodder Furniture and Fixtures - Automotive inspired furniture and fixtures and art parts. A collection of automotive inspired furniture, home built shop tools and fixtures. Turned a camshaft into a table light? A bumper in to a seat. We want to see it all

*        Hot Rodder Toy Box - Automotive toys, bikes, pedal cars, wagons, models, die casts and everything else you can think of.

*        Hot Rodder Reader Rides – A collection of reader rides, any and all forms of Hot Rods. We want to see what you’re driving, building or even what you’re looking for. Send us a picture and a few words about what you have or what you are working on.

*        Hot Rodder Hangouts – A collection of Restaurants, gas stations, parks etc. Garages, shop and hang outs - Pictures of your favorite places to hang out. We want to see them all!

*        Hot Rodder Automobillia - Your signs, your gas pumps or anything you have. Send it in!

*        Hot Rodders Memories – A collection of those special moments that involved your Hot Rods and family and friends

*        Hot Rodder Tailgating - We want to see your tailgate parties at the races, car shows and cruise ins. Relaxing with friends and family. Do you have a favourite recipe for those tailgate parties that you want to share? We want it all!

*        Hot Rodders Home Town Heroes - We want to know about what we call the home town heroes. You are the grass-roots of the Hot Rodding lifestyle throughout this fine country. Who are they and where are they from? What makes these guys a hero in your eyes?  We want to feature the car guys who keep this lifestyle going in the heart of America each and every day. How you have gotten your family involved in the Hot Rodding Lifestyle and make shows family events. We want to feature pictures of what you do, who you are, what you work on and what Hot Rodding is to you.


Send pictures to: submissions@hotrodderjournal.com

The fine print.

The Hot Rodder Journal is based on contributions. Contributions from Photographers and Writers and also readers.

The reader submissions are images and information that are sent to us by them in exchange for commodities like apparel and decals. The images and information that readers send to us are of their own accord and we can not control the source of their submissions. If we receive images or information that is copy written and or they have not arranged the proper approval to submit it to us, we have no control over this and have no means to confirm the actual source of such images and information. If images are watermarked they will not be altered to be used, they will be destroyed and the person submitting them will be informed of our policy on image usage.

The Hot Rodder Journal will not reply to submissions or return send images or information. It is up to the reader to supply us with their full and complete mailing address, their choice of decal and or shirt and the size of shirt they require. All compensation for reader submissions are only send out once a quarter (Jan, April, July, Oct) so you will not receive your item a few days after the issue comes out that your submission was used in.